The best area to stay in Chicago is

River North

About River North

River North is full of boutiques, art galleries, and more restaurants than you could ever possibly visit. What was once an industrial area, has been revitalized in a bustling hub of activity with easy access to public transportation. One of the most notable features of River North, the magnificent mile, is a one mile stretch of some of the best shopping and dining the city has to offer. Touristy at times, yes, but magnificent nonetheless.

Your best bet for affordable hotels in River North (though still not cheap) is going to be a couple blocks east and west of Michigan Ave. You can expect to find rooms for ~$100 to $200 a night, within a few minutes walk to all the activity River North has to offer. Cheaper options can be found south of the River, but that area (The Loop) is mainly full of businesses and clears out during the evening hours.

There are some great comedy clubs in Chicago if you're looking for some evening entertainment. Second City probably being the most famous as it was home at one point to what became some of comedy's biggest names. Other things to do in the area would be to visit Navy Pier, the epitome of touristy, or if you're looking for a quieter adventure try some of the numerous art galleries and museums. Head south to Grant Park and then on to the Museum campus. It's a bit of a haul so you may want to grab a bus that runs down Lakeshore Dr or a taxi.

Overall River North is an excellent place to stay for your first (or repeat) visits to Chicago. Great food, drinks, shopping, and entertainment can all be found within walking distance to most hotels in the area. Check out the top rated hotels and restaurants below, and feel free to drop us a line if you have better suggestions.

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